Getter 1 2 3 Ryoma Nagare Sentinel Chindo

Getter 1 2 3 Ryoma Nagare Sentinel Chindo

Getter Robo Series set 3 Rp 2,1jt

1. Getter Robo 1 2 3 Best Possing Figure

Used, No Box 
Material Plastick, Statue Figure 
Isi 3 figure

2. Sentinel Ryouma Nagare

Used Condition
Size 4 inc, Material pvc Abs
box not mint


New condition 
Plastick model kit
Set of 3 (Eagle, Jaguar, Bear)

Description : 

using transparent parts to reveal the internal machinery, adding a lot of details such as score lines.
There are transparent pieces to reveal the driver's cabin, and the internal position is very detailed.
The transparent plate is also used for the position of the chest plate, and metal coating is done on the back of the transparent plate.
Of course, the ejector is also designed to be movable, which can adjust the spray angle, which can be imagined when flying.

About 100 * 80 * 40 mm